4K Stogram 2.6.6 Serial Plus Key Free Download

4K Stogram 2.6.6. Serial + Key [Full Version]

4K Stogram serial is an application for Instagram Viewer and Downloader for PC.  It can work under Windows or MacOS and Linux. Therefore, you can download photos and videos or stories from your friend’s public and private Instagram accounts. Also, you can backup Instagram profile and import your list of Instagram subscriptions. You can grab photos of accounts simultaneously. Moreover,  save them in JPEG on your desktop. Login with your Instagram credentials and download photos of private friends account. Furthermore, you can access to your viewer directly from the application. 4K Stogram has seamless function of downloading Instagram photos. You can download it from your Instagram and others.  Therefore, you can download photos from your friends Instagram or any other private user and store the images in your computer drive.

4K Stogram serial is a simple and one-step process. You can use the application without a hitch and involves only one click. Therefore, you just need to enter the username of your friend or other private user and click “Follow”. It will scan the public and private photos of the user at the same time while downloading them. Then, you can save it to a pre-set folder in your hard drive.

4K Stogram Serial Version 2.6.6 + Key For Windows and Mac

4K Stogram key allows you to explore photos and videos or stories. You can explore it from different places. Also, you can subscribe to any account’s photos and their following list. You just need to enter an Instagram username or hashtag or location and press “Subscribe” button. Therefore, you can get the latest photos automatically. 4K Stogram makes you easy to browse your  friend’s Instagram feed. You just need to subscribe to follow accounts list of any Instagram user.  Then, you can watch new photos uploaded by them in real time. Moreover, you can download Instagram Stories. You just need to save short-living daily images and videos from any Instagram account for good. Also, you can download video posts. You can download videos in MP4 format from Instagram accounts, hashtags and locations by enabling the feature.

4K Stogram Serial Version 2.6.6 + Key For Windows and Mac

With 4K Stogram you can backup your account in seconds. It takes one click to download all photos from your Instagram account. Also, you can follow your subscriptions in one click. Press ‘Subscribe to Accounts I’m Following’. Therefore, all accounts you follow on Instagram will be automatically added to 4K Stogram and downloaded. Moreover, all downloaded images contain information about comments and hashtags in their metadata. Additionally, you can do export and import subscriptions. Keep your subscriptions database safely by export it and import after major computer re-installations. Therefore, no images and accounts are lost.

Key Features :

  • Discover 4K Stogram
  • Download posts by username, hashtag or location
  • Download private friends photos
  • Browse your friends Instagram feed
  • Download Instagram Stories
  • Download video posts
  • Backup your account in seconds
  • Follow your subscriptions in one click
  • Comments and hashtags meta data
  • Export and import subscriptions

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